Nestled in a grove of coconuts is Siama, a modern 30-room boutique hotel waiting to be experienced.

Leave the noise and rush of city living behind as you meet the laid back elegance of Siama. Designed to make guests feel the comfort of home, this simple haven is truly breathtaking and offers bespoke world-class service.


The outdoor-meets-indoor design of Siama complements its majestic surroundings. Natural and organic textures used in the hotel's interiors are in good company amid the garden plants sprawled all over the estate. The modern forest pool–a 25-meter oasis–sits quietly in the middle of the estate and is overlooked by the verandas of the premier rooms.


Dine with us and discover the local delicacies and flavors through Siama's homegrown recipes. 


Located in the heart of Sorsogon City, Siama is a great starting point to explore Sorsogon's diverse and lush nature attractions. Swim with the whalesharks–locally known as butanding– in Donsol, enjoy the crystal clear waters and pink sand beach of Subic in Matnog, catch a wave at the local surfing spot in Gubat beach, and journey to the breathtaking sights of Bulusan Lake: all of these are within an hour or two by land from the hotel.